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... believed by many authorities to be the first Stars and Stripes used by American land troops. Flown over the military stores at Bennington on August 16, 1777 when General John Stark's militia led Americans to victory over British raiding force.

Betsy Ross (First Stars and Stripes)

The first official United States flag, adopted by an Act of Congress on June 14, 1777.

British Red Ensign

In 1707 Queen Ann adopted a new flag for the United Kingdom - The Union Jack on a field of red. Called the British Red Ensign, Cornwallis surrendered under this flag at Yorktown in 1781.

Continental (Bunker Hill)

Colonel John Trumbull's painting,

First Navy Jack



... named after Colonel Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina, was flown early in 1776 by Commodore Esek Hopkins of Rhode Island, first Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Fleet. Its inscription represented a warning by the colonists to the British.

Grand Union

... the first (unofficial) national flag of the United States. It was raised in 1776 to celebrate the official status of the newly formed Continental Army by General George Washington, whose camp was then in Cambridge. Also known as Cambridge.

King's Colors (Union Jack)

... one of the military colors used by British colonial troops after 1743. The design originated when King James I of England combined the St. George Cross with the Scottish Cross of St. Andrew.

Old Glory (Current Design)

... born of the need for a more practical design to accommodate new states entering the Union. On April 4, 1818, Congress established the number of stripes at seven red and six white, and provided for the addition of one star for each new state.

St. George Cross

…the flag carried to the New World by most of the early English explorers. Its use is traced back to 1277 in Britain.
Viewing Items :   1-10 | 11-11